Do you have M-Ray vision

M-ray vision:  the act of viewing people, places, things, and situations through the eyes of a Manager.

Now you have my definition , I guess an explanation is in order.

I have been in the retail appliance and furniture business for over 23 years.  Working my way up through a family business.  I have done it all.  Deliveries, sales, buying, and upper level management.  There isn’t a job I wouldn’t do.  Growing up in that kind of environment sort of burns some ideas and perspectives in your head.  It makes you look at everything differently.

M-ray vision is something I discovered and finally put a name to several years ago, with the help of my wife of course.  She noticed when we went out to our favorite restaurant that I became distracted.  We would be talking and I might stop and focus on something.  Yeah I know what your thinking, there goes the cute waitress and I’m just a guy.  No that wasn’t it at all.  I was distracted by interactions between the wait staff and a guest.  I was caught up in the impending train wreck I could see coming and I could not look away.  When things “happened” and my wife realized what I was eavesdropping on and after getting over being annoyed we talked about it.  I explained what I saw coming and how it could be corrected or even avoided all together.  This happened several times and finally she started seeing things herself and  before I could say anything  she would tell me to “shut off your manager vision” .  Like the iconic X-Ray vision of comic book legends it was dubbed M-ray vision.


Turning on the manager vision and seeing things from your customer or client perspective can be extremely valuable.  What do things look like at your business.  How do people see and hear the interactions of your employees.  Observing how things are and how they could be changed at other businesses can make you a better manager.

I am sure there are fancy names and lots of studies on the viewing of things from a different perspective.  I do not claim to be an expert at any of it.  I just want to share my experience and hope that it can spark something in someone to help them improve.

Have you had the M-ray vision experience?  Do you know someone who needs a pair of M-ray glasses?  How can viewing your business and others from a different perspective help you improve?








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