Spoiled or Blessed. Whats the difference?

A scoutmaster minute I wrote for our boy scout troop.  Just thought I would share with everyone.


I have come across many people that I would say are Spoiled and some that I would consider blessed.  What is the difference?  To me the biggest difference is how someone acts or reacts to the things they have.  Those things can be very different.  Money, nice toys, a big house, a cool bike or car or even a special talent.  The list could go on and on.

The reason I say it is how someone “acts” is because people who stick their nose up at others because they do not have the same nice things as they do.  Or look down on people that do not have the same smarts or talents as they do are the ones I would say are “spoiled”.  Those who know they have nice things or have a talent that they can do well and are willing to share those things and talents with others.  People  who appreciate what they have and thank those who helped them get them.  These are people that I would say are Blessed.

I would be willing to bet you that the spoiled  rotten person always wants more, complains about what they have and is never thankful for what they get.

The blessed person is content with what they have, is happy that they have it and is grateful when they receive something else.


Look down on friends? Want more and it is never enough?  Nothing is good enough?  Sounds like spoiled to me.

Grateful, sharing, thankful and appreciative.  Blessed.

Which one are you?  Who would you rather be around?

Spoiled or blessed??




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